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Floorco-Wooden flooring and laminate flooring

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Why Floorco?
>Over 50,000m2 flooring on New Zealand stock.

>Over 70 selects.

>We suppliy Wooden flooring,Laminated floors,Underlay and flooring trim

>Install service

@outlets wooden flooring@

190*14/3*1900 natutal oiled $60/m2

190*14/3*1900 natural burshed$60/m2

190*15/4*1900 red maple$45/m2

180*20/4*1880 natural lacquered $60/m2

190*20/4*1900 natural prime grade oiled $75/m2

190*20/4*1900 natural prime grade lacqueres $75/m2

150*14/3*Random natural oiled $40/m2

150*18/5*random natural oak burshed $45/m2

125*10/2*300-1200 oak white burshed $27.5/m2

120*12/2*910 maple $39/m2

90*15/2*909 oak $27.5/m2

@laminate flooring@

For wholesale engineered wooden flooring. (commercial only)

150mm wide*14/3mm*1900

@Fashion floors@

Natural oak ( code:001)

Natural withe brushed wash (code:002)

Cobblestone brushed oak(Code:003)

Grey brushed oak (Code:004)

Smoky oak(Code:005)

Bronze oak(Code:006)

Dark Smoked white brushed oak(code:007)

Light Grey brushed oak (code:008)

Light Smoked white brushed(code:009)

White cream oak(code:010)

Brown caramel oak(code:011)

Natural white brushed oak (code:012)

190mm wide*14/3mm*1900

@Fashion plus floors@

Brown brushed Oiled Flooring(codeFP005)

Black Brushed Lacquered flooring(codeFP007)

FP11 Saw Cut UV Lacquered flooring.(codrFP011)

White UV Oiled Flooring (codeFP001)

Carbon Brushed UV Lacquered flooring.(codeFP006)

Cocoa Brushed UV Lacquered flooring.(codeFP004)

Grey brushed UV Oiled flooring(codeFP002)

Tan Brushed UV Lacquered flooring(codeFP003)

FP10 Saw Cut White UV Oiled flooring(codeFP010)

FP13 Saw Cut UV Lacquered flooring (codeFP013)

FP12 Saw Cut UV Lacquered(codeFP012)

Please have a look all the listing And WELCOME to our show room.
Category: Property Maintenance
Location: Auckland City, Auckland
Provider: Floorco trading ltd.
Duration: 15 minutes
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