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Korean Language Tuition

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Are you interested in Korean culture such as K-POP, K-Dramas, Korean food or fashion?
Do you want to show your affection to your Korean partner, friends, co-workers, clients or your Korean stars?
Are you planning to go on a trip to Korea?
Have you experienced big frustration by self-learning through u-tube?

It is time to learn Korean with Teacher Sun.
Just after the first class, you will be able to open a conversation in Korean with Korean friends.

You can improve your vocabulary, writing and reading in Korean, useful and practical daily expressions for communication through a range of fun learning tools.

I am a passionate, caring, energetic and experienced Korean teacher currently teaching in a private language school. I have qualifications of TESOL Diploma from Vancouver community college in Canada and 15 years of teaching experience in Korea. I regard not only what to learn but also how to learn as a key factor of effective learning.

Tuition fee : 1 on 1 tutorials : $50 / hour * 10 lessons at $450
Small group tutorials : $40 / hour per person (Max. 4 people) * 10 lessons at $350 p/p
Course : Level 1~Level 6 ( Each level = 10 classes )
Learning Materials : All provided
Time and Lessons : Negotiable
Location : Auckland

Mobile : 021-109-0584
E-mail :
Category: Tutoring
Location: Auckland City, Auckland
Provider: Korean Tuition with Sun
Duration: 15 minutes
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