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LED lighting experts - Auckland

57.95 $119.00 Per Light Installed

Replace your old halogen or downlights & start saving

The cost to install LED recessed lighting is quickly paid back in savings. It’s not just the bulb and power to it, but the huge winter bills from wasted heating. Your old halogen lighting or downlight fittings have air vent gaps in the top (because they get so ridiculously hot!) so all your warm heating air is sucked up into the cold roof by convection. Replacing your old halogen lighting with sealed LED downlight could mean you use the heater for half the time you usually do! (Branz reports have shown) Its incredible how much of your hard earned dollars are being wasted. Spend that money on a holiday instead of paying to your electricity company. Learn more today with our free lighting consultation or request a quick quote and demonstration.
Category: Electrical
Location: Auckland City, Auckland
Provider: Home LED
Duration: 4 hours
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