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We provide pest control services for Residential ,Industrial, Commercial & Rural sectors for :

RATS & MICE Controlled with effective baiting systems and the use of Doc 150 predator traps.
We can eliminate your rodent problem and also we offer very good programmed maintenance schedules.
WASPS We can remove any nest anywhere (please be careful if you do attempt this yourself) .
CARPET BEETLE This is common in Hamilton as the beetle lavae eat the edge of your carpet from underneath. A pesticide application is very effective and in general you dont get carpet beetle back.
BORER We can treat and advise of your best borer treatments from exteriors, to sub floors, walls and roof space cavities.
CRICKETS Can be keep at bay with an exterior pest control application
FLIES are becoming harder to keep at bay due to pest control surface applications. We can reduce your fly problem and knock it back over the summer months ( Best spray time is from November onwards )
CLOTHMOTH This pest similar to carpet beetle eats more than your carpet, it feeds off upholstery and clothing and hangs from the walls and ceilings in a small cocoon. A pest control treatment is highly recommended, as these pests do a lot of damage to property.
SPIDERS are very easy to be keep at bay with pest control applications. Exterior applications will also keep messy cobwebs off your property
COCKROACHES If you have german cockroaches , garden cockroaches , or infested areas, we have the gels, fumigation methods to rid your property/ premises. We also provide monitoring systems for food outlets
ANTS are another pest that we can keep off your property through the use of gels & fumigation sprays
BEDBUGS This bug is adapting to pesticides and becoming harder to knock back. An eradication programme can be introduced and maintained to keep these crittles out.
FLEAS No doubt somewhere along the line, we have all had fleas, weather you have pets or no pets, these pests, can be irritating during warmer months. Carpet fleas in particular.
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