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Slopemowing- Brush Cutting- Gorse Removal

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Our specialised equipment is designed specifically for removing tough vegetation in hard to access locations. Get rid of those pest plants and stumps and have your land back!

Safe: it's all remote controlled so reduces the health & safety risk to you and your staff, no need for people to be on steep hillsides or cliff edges.

Environmentally friendly: removes the need for harmful sprays and returns the plant mulch back into the soil. Removes pest plants for the replanting of native species.

Cost effective: more efficient than using handheld equipment and all scrub and tree debris is mulched back into the ground onsite, so no need for debris removal costs.

The ideal solution for:
• Lifestyle blocks
• Orchards
• Vineyards
• Council land
• Property & land development
• Civil maintenance companies
• Farms and rural landowners

Our Services include:
• Scrub mulching
• Long grass mowing
• Stump grinding
• Shelter belt mulching
• Fire break maintenance
• Roadside verges & cycle lane mowing
• Material up to 200mm mulching
• Steep section maintenance
• Chemical free land clearing
• Riparian zone clearance
• Rough terrain up to 50’
• Walking track maintenance

Category: Property Maintenance
Location: Tasman, Nelson / Tasman
Duration: 15 minutes
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